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Why Schools Need Jetpacked

Why Schools Need Jetpacked

We bring all of your school’s online curriculum programs into one place so teachers don’t have to sift through mountains of data. The platform analyzes student data and provides teachers with smart recommendations to help all students reach their individualized goals.

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What Jetpacked Does

Our dashboards are personalized for every stakeholder that touches a student’s learning journey to optimize each child’s personalized learning experience, whether at school or at home. The smart algorithms built into the system directly support teachers in making changes during classroom instruction therefore leading to stronger student outcomes.

Our platform makes it easy for administrators to quickly identify how programs are being used and make data-driven purchasing decisions, while also providing the appropriate professional development support to teachers.

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Our data-driven insights gives teachers recommendations on how to refine their whole classroom instruction, celebrate student success, and focus on groups of students that are struggling on the same skills.

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Our platform builds student agency in their learning every day by providing weekly goals and daily progress for each program. Parents can support their success with the notifications they receive twice a week, ensuring they have the data they need to play a key role in their child’s success.

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Our Curriculum Partners

We have identified the top Edtech curriculum providers in the market and are proud to partner with each of them to support schools across the country.

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If you are excited about going through our vetting process, we are excited to chat with you on integrating your data into our platform and ensuring schools know about the impact you can bring to students.

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Schools Across The Country Are Using Jetpacked

Schools Across The Country Are Using Jetpacked